The open smart grid platform supports IEC61850. IEC61850 is a popular protocol in the field of "smart grids". IEC61850 started as a standard for substation automation but has expanded into other domains such as EV and solar panels. Currently, the IEC61850 protocol is used within the Public Lighting, Microgrids and Distribution Automation domains. IEC61850 on Wikipedia

Protocol security

  • No security options exist in this IEC61850 version 1 and 2

  • Use through a secured tunnelling protocol like TLS (with client certificates) or VPN

    IEC Security guidelines can be found in IEC62351.

Specific communication service mapping (SCSM)

The open smart grid platform implementation supports:

  • IEC 61850-8-1: Mappings to MMS (ISO/IEC9506-1 and ISO/IEC 9506-2)

Used library

The OpenMUC IEC61850 library from Fraunhofer is used to implement the protocol.

Supported Devices

These devices are currently supported by the Open Smart Grid Platform:

  • Wago 750-881 RTU

  • ABB 540CID11 RTU

  • Kaifa AS101 load control box

Difference between OSLP and IEC61850

Contrary to OSLP the contract between OSGP and IEC61850 devices does not exist of request/response messages, instead the request messages received by OSGP will result in multiple read/write operations at the device. The response messages returned by OSGP will contain the result of these operations.

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