Use cases

Up-to-date information on use-cases can be found on the Grid eXchange Fabric website.

Reference implementation in The Netherlands: Flexible system for operating public lighting (FlexOVL)

FlexOVL, a new and flexible switching system of public lighting delivers more control for municipalities and is the first solution which is powered by the Open Smart Grid Platform.

Technical drivers for Alliander

  • Replacing Ripple Control

  • Decrease future investments

  • Decrease outages

Customer drivers (Municipalities)

  • Be more in control, by controlling switching times themselves

  • Resolve power failures faster, through up-to-date information

  • Reduction in costs, through energy saving and more efficient maintenance and management

  • No vendor lock-in, not dependent on one supplier


  • Small scale roll-out started January 2015

  • 200 Sub Stations will be fitted with an SSLD to control public lighting and tariff switching

  • 15 municipalities in the Liander grid operator area will be participating

  • Goal is to allow municipalities to use the application, give feedback and to see if the services offered to municipalities are adequate

  • Large scale roll-out will start around 2016

  • The entire Liander grid operator area will use SSLD's to control all public lighting and tariff switching

  • About 25.000 Sub Stations (middenspanningsruimtes)

  • About 800.000 street lights will be switched by the SSLD's mounted in the 25.000 Sub Stations

FlexOVL web application (not open source available)

Municipalities are free to choose their own (web)application (using the web services of the Open Smart Grid Platform), or they could use the default web application developed by Alliander.

Functionality of the default web application as used by grid operator Liander (example)

  • Create switching schedules and assign those schedules to one or more SSLD's

  • Create groups of SSLD's in order to be able to assign schedules to many SSLD's at once

  • On demand switching of public lighting

  • Review current status of an SSLD in order to review public lighting and tariff switching states

  • Abilities to monitor power consumption of public lighting (available if the SSLD is fitted with an Electricity Meter)

  • Monthly report offering insight into switch moments and power consumption

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