SetMbusUserKeyByChannel is a request to generate, transfer and set an M-Bus user key on an M-Bus device (for instance a G-meter behind an E-meter) via the DLMS gateway device. The request needs the DeviceIdentification from the gateway device and the channel for the M-Bus device. A use case for a request with the channel (as only identification of the M-Bus device besides the identification of the gateway) as input is to be able to respond to new M-Bus device discovered on channel x alarms (x in 1..4) from a gateway. If a new M-Bus User key is to be set on an M-Bus device with a known identification, this can be done with the SetKeyOnGMeter request.

All requests have similar response behaviour which is described in ResponseMessages.

The response contains the DeviceIdentification and CorrelationUid which is received from the SetMbusUserKeyByChannel request. GetSetMbusUserKeyByChannelResponse returns the result from issuing a SetMbusUserKeyByChannel request.


XSD: sm-configuration.xsd

WSDL: SmartMeteringConfiguration.wsdl

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