SetConfigurationObject is a request to set ConfigurationObject settings on a device. The attributes with OBIS code 0-1: give access to set GPRS_operation_mode setting and following flags:

  • discover_on_open_cover

  • discover_on_power_on

  • dynamic_mbus_address

  • P0_enable

  • HLS_3_on_P3_enable

  • HLS_4_on_P3_enable

  • HLS_5_on_P3_enable

  • HLS_3_on_P0_enable

  • HLS_4_on_P0_enable

  • HLS_5_on_P0_enable

See DSMR document chapter 8.3 for detailed description. The request needs the DeviceIdentification, GprsOperationMode, ConfigurationFlagType and Enabled parameters.

All requests have similar response behaviour which is described in ResponseMessages.

GetSetConfigurationObjectResponse returns the result from setting a SetConfigurationObject. The response contains the DeviceIdentification and CorrelationUid which is received from the SetConfigurationObject request.


XSD: sm-configuration.xsd

WSDL: SmartMeteringConfiguration.wsdl

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