SynchronizeTime request synchronizes the date and time on a device. The date and time are retrieved from the server and sent to the device with CLASS_ID 8, OBIS_CODE and ATTRIBUTE_ID 2. The request is sent with the DeviceIdentification number from the desired device. The request should contain a Deviation of local time to UTC in minutes (from the range of -720 to 720 inclusive) and a value Dst indicating whether daylight savings is active. For example in Central European Summer Time, DST is active and times are UTC/GMT +2 hours. For devices in a region where CEST applies, during the summer time the value for deviation should be "-120" (120 minutes deducted from local time gives GMT/UTC time) and dst should be "true".

All requests have similar response behaviour which is described in ResponseMessages.

GetSynchronizeTimeResponse returns the result from synchronizing date and time. The response contains the DeviceIdentification and CorrelationUid which is received from the SynchronizeTime request.


XSD: sm-adhoc.xsd

WSDL: SmartMeteringAdhoc.wsdl

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