This chapter describes the results of a performance test, to give potential users an indication of the system requirements for the platform.

The Platform was tested with the following AWS setup:


  • Specifications Component Server: 2 CPU's, 8 GB RAM

  • Specifications Database Server: 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM


  • Front-end: 2x Component Server

  • Middle-end: 2x Component Server

  • Back-end: 2x Component Server

  • ActiveMQ Front-Middle: 1x Component Server

  • ActiveMQ Middle-Back: 1x Component Server

  • Databases: 1x DB Server

For the test to succeed, two requirements were to be met:

  1. Switch 10.000 simulated OSLP devices under 5 minutes.

  2. Switch 40.000 simulated OSLP devices under 5 minutes.

The results showed that both tests succeeded.

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